About Chilli Grill Takeaway

Chilli Grill is a well-renowned Indian takeaway offering classic and more innovative dishes from all around India. Our mouthwatering dishes are identified by delicate aromas, bright colours and mind-blowing flavours. You can find us at 19 Dougrie Dr, Glasgow G45 9AD.

Our team of highly experienced chefs always use the finest local ingredients, buying fresh vegetables which are carefully ground and mixed by hand, guaranteeing pure quality.

A long day got you down? Our authentic curry could turn things around. On your phone, type ‘The best curry house near me in Glasgow’. Definitely, ‘Chilli Grill’ will show up at the top of the Google search result list. Tap on it and boost your flagging energy levels. 

We are delighted to offer a vast and varied take-out menu that suits every taste. You can savour Indian delicacies by choosing from our Punjabi-style Kormas, amazing Chicken Tikka Masalas, slow-cooked Biryanis, fairly spiced Madras and many more.

A variety of world-famous fast foods are also available, such as breaded Fish and Chips, Italian pizzas, Turkish Grilled Kebabs, crispy Hoagie Rolls and
Mexican Burgers. The list is really endless. You should see it for yourself.

With our vegan Indian foods, we've thought of all your vegan lifestyle needs. From veggie-loaded Bhuna full of Indian spices to healthy vegetable Samosa, we’ve got you covered.  

Feel free to call us at 01416314111 and order over the phone. 




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